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Various reptile pictures

Hi guys!

I just realized nothing had happened in this comm for years, so I decided to post a few of the pics my boyfriend and I have taken in ZOOs. Unfortunately, some of the pictures were taken 3-4 years ago, and I have neglected to write down the species. Maybe you can help me?

First a couple pictures of a snake that I believe to be a Great Basin Rattlesnake:
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Then follows a definite Rosy Boa:
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Carpet Pythons (one with a butterfly on the back) Not sure of the second, but think that's a carpet python too.
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Not sure what type this is. Python of some kind. Was living together with the carpet pythons in the big open area you can walk through in "Randers Regnskov":
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Possibly spotted python:
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Possibly Rubber Boas, but probably not ;)
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This is possibly a Rainbow Boa:
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I have no guesses on the following:
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Crocodiles. Black Caimans:
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Vipera Berus pic

Vipera berus is the common European adder or common European viper. This picture was taken by Jonas Arvidsson - a member of our local herpetology society, and I thought people would enjoy it here. It's a real photo, not a manip - the adders come out of hibernation while there are still snow on the ground (in Umeå, in late March), and in sunny weather they crawl through the snow to find rocks they can sun themselves on. They live as far north as at least 150 kilometer north of the polar circle (where the adders are twice the size of what they are further south!)

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Hi everyone,

My name is Deb and I'm new to dreamwidth. I live in Sydney, Australia. (In Australia, a person needs a special license to own reptiles.) I'd really like to get my hands on a snake but I keep putting off the paperwork for the license and purchasing a snake because of cost factors. It's not that I can't afford it but I find it hard to justify spending over $200 (License+Snake) on myself. Lol.

Buuuuut somebody has a birthday in Juuuuune. ;)

Update: I've just submitted the application for a reptile license. It takes 21 days to process but I'm that much closer to owning a snake! :D
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Since the community has been kind of quiet, I thought I would post a few pictures of our ball pythons, Kiya and Zazamoukh.

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New member here! I do love reptiles and would love to have a snake one day, but for now I just have three Russian Tortoises. You can meet them under the cut...

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Finally got myself together to say hi and write a little about our ball pythons and post a few pictures :)

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What do you feed your reptiles?

For my gecko, I currently breed meal worms, stick insects, and grasshoppers, and occasionally buy crickets. She gets about three to four grasshoppers/crickets and a few meal worms throughout the week.
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Dragon Poop!

Thought I would share this with those who can properly appreciate it... I am SO HAPPY right now ~ Sal (our 2 year old Bearded Dragon we recently rescued) just took a HUGE poop! I was getting worried because we got him on the 23rd and he hadn't pooped yet. I've had an ache in my stomach that has worsened with each passing day that we weren't seeing any. Baths are supposed to help and we did two of those over the course of the last few days and belly massages... nothing. Then out of nowhere he got really active and when we went in to check, sure enough... a huge poop! Funny how he poops and *my* stomach ache goes away! lmao - it's hard to be a mom when your kids can't talk and you have to just go by what goes in and what comes out... lol. Now we both feel better! =)

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reptile-related community promo

I'm a Bearded Dragon mom and fellow lizard lover :) I've created a community for Bearded Dragon owners called [community profile] beardies, and have linked this community on the profile page. I hope no one minds the promo (if this is against the rules, please remove with my apologies).


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Starting this off...

Hi, I am Yvi and I have one leopard gecko called River at the moment. Only one because I have received conflicting test results for cryptosporids back and so I don't want to risk introducing more geckos.

Anyway, I have just posted pictures here: