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Various reptile pictures

Hi guys!

I just realized nothing had happened in this comm for years, so I decided to post a few of the pics my boyfriend and I have taken in ZOOs. Unfortunately, some of the pictures were taken 3-4 years ago, and I have neglected to write down the species. Maybe you can help me?

First a couple pictures of a snake that I believe to be a Great Basin Rattlesnake:

Then follows a definite Rosy Boa:

Carpet Pythons (one with a butterfly on the back) Not sure of the second, but think that's a carpet python too.

Not sure what type this is. Python of some kind. Was living together with the carpet pythons in the big open area you can walk through in "Randers Regnskov":

Possibly spotted python:

Possibly Rubber Boas, but probably not ;)

This is possibly a Rainbow Boa:

I have no guesses on the following:

Crocodiles. Black Caimans:

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Can't help with species but these are some cute pics! Thanks for sharing. :D
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Late reply, but Caimans!!! ♥