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Hi! Feeling a bit ashamed that I haven't posted earlier! I am now co-mod of this community, so I should have said hi!

HI! *waves*

I also bring two pictures of our ball python Kiya (no good pictures of Zazamoukh, but I will make sure to get some taken! - they move around a lot, so they are difficult to photograph!)

Kiya is now soon 12 months, and Zazamoukh is soon 11 months. When we just got them, they had mites and would not eat on their own. We got rid of the mites, but they still would not eat.

We are feeding frozen/thawed, and we tried everything we could think of: feeding them in their terrariums, feeding them in a box, leaving the mouse with them over the night, braining the mouse, heating the mouse with an hairdryer, different sizes/colours of mice...all the same. Not interested.

Then, we tried thawing the mice in tap water, as hot as possible (around a few degree above human body temperature, I think). Then, when the mouse is thawed, we put it in equally hot water again, and left it there for a few minutes, just making sure the mouse was very warm (probably around normal mouse temperature).
Then, dry the mouse a little - just pat it dry with a paper towel, and feed it to the snake.

Success! They both ate their mouse without problems, and we have had no problems since - even if the snakes have been moved around, handled, had their terrarium cleaned, just awakened...they always grab the mouse and eat it happily!

The snakes have now eaten normally for many months, and it means they are getting bigger and stronger. Female is around 470g and male around 380g now. Does that sound like normal weight for almost 12 months and almost 11 months? We feed them a bigger mouse (or two smaller mice) or a rat baby about every 7-10 days.

They are in separate terrariums, but they know there is a snake in the other terrarium beside them, and often sits looking at the other - this is useful. If one of them is not sure he/she wants the mouse, we feed it to the other, who will grab it immediately. Then, when we bring the first snake a mouse, he/she will grab it quickly, not wanting to risk the other getting it! It is usually the female who is sometimes unsure if she wants the mouse - the male seems to be generally more hungry (or just more greedy).

The female prefers white, female mice - and does not really like hair (on mice or on the arm/sweater of the person touching her). She will sometimes sit with the mouse, after strangling it and lick it for a while (or smell it a LOT with the tongue, I guess), then eat it. This is only if it is a male mouse, or not a white mouse. She is funny that way!

They are both very curious, and when they are not sleeping, they like to peek out through the window of their terrairums and see what is going on - and they also like being taken out and allowed to explore (supervised!) The female is bolder than the male, who can be a little more timid sometimes.

That got a little longer than intended!

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They are so lovely! And I liked the details about their eating habits.

I'm currently having a lot of trouble getting my sand boa to eat again. Thanks for mentioning the tap water; it reminded me that I used to do that several years ago, so maybe I will try it again now and see if he goes for that instead. :) :)


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