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Finally got myself together to say hi and write a little about our ball pythons and post a few pictures :)

After seeing an adorable ball python (and getting to hold her) about a year ago, my boyfriend and I talked about getting one ourselves. We talked about it for months, then spent about half a year reading about them before we finally bought two of them in mid-june this year.

We got them as juveniles - about 2.5 and 3.5 months. A male and a female, whom we have named Zazamoukh and Kiya (after characters in an old computer game we have played a lot *grin*).

They are very sweet and adorable - and the nicest, calmest snakes anyone could want.

Unfortunately, 4 days after we bought them, we discovered they had mites (which we couldn't see on them when we bought them, so they must have been in the early stage then?) Anyway, out of their nice terrariums and into smaller plastic quarentine boxes :( And Zazamoukh refused to eat for more than 3 weeks, which was scary since he was such a small one to begin with. Fortunately, he is no longer skinny and eats fuzzies instead of pinkies :)

We were told to bathe them regularly in tepid water with just a little dishwashing liquid in it, which we did, and the mites finally disappeared. We have seen nothing of the hated mites for more than 6 weeks, so finally our ball pythons can get back into their nice, bigger (cleaned) terrariums!

Meet Kiya and Zazamoukh!

Kiya, when we had just gotten her.

My boyfriend attempts to bathe Kiya - who seem to think she is a dinosaur or something ;)


Zazamoukh being weighed - and trying to escape from the scale.

Zazamoukh bathing and getting rid of mites


on 2010-09-19 07:46 am (UTC)
yvi: my yellow leopard gecko, River (Geckos - River 1)
Posted by [personal profile] yvi
Oh, so cute! Love the 'dinosaur' pic ;)

on 2010-09-19 12:50 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] lilmoka
So gorgeous! <3


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